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FETRANSPOR  (Federation  of  Passenger  Transport  Companies  in  the  State  of  Rio  de  Janeiro) represents a system consisted of 10 unions and 210 public transportation agencies, which account  for 81% of  the regular public  transport  in the state of Rio de Janeiro, operating a fleet of 22,500 buses.
Adopting the motto "Best Transportation, Best Quality of Life", Fetranspor pursues continuous improvement of services, encouraging and supporting their affiliated companies in the enhancement of professionals, in the implementation of programs related to total quality and emission control of pollutants, among others. The Federation has proactive participation in researches, technical studies and in the adoption of innovations, as well as in the development of partnerships with government for the establishment of measures such as the BRS and BRT systems in Rio de Janeiro. Fetranspor received several awards for its initiatives, from both Brazilian and foreign institutions.